The ENRICH Library distributes material to help strengthen the traditional family unit, marriages, and individuals. We seek to accomplish our mission through coordinating seminars, publishing and distributing our comprehensive program material and facilitating translation into other languages.

Boreal Night maintains and manages the ENRICH Library content and distribution on behalf of Enrich Ministries and Al Friesen.

Al Friesen

Al Friesen is our primary resource person. Al has worked tirelessly for the last 30 years conducting live seminars to to universities, schools and church groups world wide.  He has counselled 1000’s of parents, educators, teenagers, and grandparents and produced an extensive series of videos in English and Low German.

Al is highly respected for his insights and expertise in child behaviour and management.  Al was a teacher in Winnipeg for 19 years, a school principal for 3 years and a pastor for over 26 years. Al and his wife, Laura, have a family of 4 children and 16 grandchildren.