The full CD & DVD collection of ENRICH seminars has been produced in Low German and will make a great addition to your church, or personal library! Each volume has about 8 hours of material presented by Al Friesen, There are eighty lessons in total, each about thirty minutes in length. The ENRICH series on parenting has been used by groups for many years to help parents with important family and child raising issues.

NOTE:  Many people are now trapped inside and stressed out watching far too much unhelpful media.  As you know media can be healing or it can be really toxic and add to our stress. During these days when we all have to stay apart to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are please to offer:

The Low German ENRICH programs are now available for free online viewing!  We invite you to order the DVD or CD sets. Or if you are able, we truly appreciate your financial support with a small one time or monthly contribution.


We invite you to order the DVD or CD sets for personal use or for your church group. The Low German DVD and CD sets are also available at 1/2 price!