English Series


Hello and welcome to the ENRICH parenting program. ENRICH stands for Education to Nurture Responsible Influence in the Caring Home. During this series of seminars, Al Friesen explores many critical topics facing parents in our world today. The task of raising healthy, well-rounded children in an increasingly challenging world can be a daunting task even for the most devoted parents.


Al offers parenting instruction that is truly refreshing. He includes many practical illustrations stemming from over 30 years of personal experience at home and as a professional. Al has served as a pastor, an educator in both public and private school settings and he continues to serve as a counsellor and seminar leader around the world. He and his wife Laura and have four married children and numerous grandchildren.


Some of the concepts found in the first nine sessions of the ENRICH Parenting program use, with permission, ideas taken from the STEP Parenting Program, written by Dinkmeyer, McKay, and Dinkmeyer.


You’re in for a thought-provoking and insightful video series so, sit back, open your mind and enjoy ENRICH Parenting.