This series can help individuals, parents & guardians, those with family and child raising issues, couples with their marriages, young people with their relationships, and individuals to help re-build their broken lives.

Written and Presented by Al Friesen

Available as a DVD Set, CD Set and Online

We regret the passing of Al Friesen, March 11, 2021. Al worked tirelessly counselling and presenting ENRICH MINISTRIES seminars to 100,000’s around the world for over 30 years. 

His life was about absolute love for everyone and his unyielding commitment to bring them to Jesus.

The work he’s done will never be forgotten.









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We believe that Respect through our daily lives, in our communities, with our faith, and in our work places is only as good, healthy and as spiritually safe as the individuals who are living with respect in our communities, workplace and families.


These programs  are derived from the past experience of respected educator, counselor and pastor Al Friesen B.Ed., B.A., M.Ed. Al teaches how to how to build relationships, how to find real joy and meaning in life, prepare for marriage, and how to help build strong family units. Al is highly respected for his insights and expertise in child behaviour and management. Al lecturers to universities, colleges, schools, church and non church groups around the world.


In turn, these individuals are only as good, healthy, and safe as the homes they come from, the nutrition they receive and their non toxic environment. The ENRICH Library videos help strengthen the fabric of our families/our homes, which are the basic building blocks of our society.


The success you will achieve from using the ENRICH Library lessons on a daily basis derive from the simplicity of nurturing love, patience and guidance. Opening oneself to embrace core values in the smallest tasks to the tasks we commit to at large.


Depending on where you are in your life or in the world certain lessons may apply, others can be set aside and or shared with those you think may benefit. All the lessons provided on the ENRICH Library are balanced with parents and children in mind.


At times these lessons within the ENRICH Library can and maybe applied by the children themselves to the parent and peers in later years. We hope you find even the smallest change from adopting one, many or all of these ENRICH Library lessons.